Revealed: Amount of money Uhuru spent on nyama choma at Kenyatta Market


President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday spent KSh21, 000 on 30kgs of nyama chama at a meat joint in Kenyatta Market, eDaily has learnt.

The President and his entourage comprising six dignitaries feasted on a small quantity of the meat, leaving a bulk of the nyama choma to citizens who had flocked Kenyatta Market.

A kilogram of nyama choma at the Kenyatta Market joint goes for KSh500. The President and his team ordered 30kgs, which translates to a bill of KSh15, 000.

The remaining KSh6, 000 was spent on soft drinks.

The President’s tour of the popular nyama choma den has created a buzz, with revelers flocking the joint, where the head of state had a meal. According to Patrick Muchiri, an attendant at the joint popularly known as ‘high high’, they have been forced to order more meat to attend to hordes of customers who are seeking to sit where the President had occupied – and to eat meat from the same joint where the head of state had.

Mr Muchiri says ‘high high’ orders 100kgs of meat daily, but they were forced to double the quantity to 200kgs Monday, soon after word went out that the President had made a surprise visit at the joint, along Mbagathi road.

Until Tuesday, September 20, more and more customers flocked the meat joint.

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