Residents puzzled as over ten donkeys killed and their genitals cut off

By Shadrack Ilava for eDaily.

Residents of Musuani Location in Mwingi West Constituency in Kitui County are puzzled by a recent series of donkey killings that has seen over ten skinned and their genitals chopped off.

On Thursday, April 13, a donkey was stolen from Musuani Location and later found dead at a nearby river with its genitals missing.

The Thursday incident is just one of the many donkey killings conducted in a similar manner recently. Tens of donkeys have been stolen, only to be found skinned and their genitals made away with.

Area residents suspect that the people behind the bizarre killings use the donkey parts on witchcraft.

Caroline Mumbi, whose donkey was stolen recently – and later found dead – says she is shocked by the rising wave of such killings, urging the County Government of Kitui to look for, and take action against perpetrators of the crime.

Residents fear that donkey meat could be sold to them, without their knowledge, at local butcher shops.

They want the County Government of Kitui to conduct thorough inspection on the meat sold in all butcher shops in the county.

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