Residents accuse man of being high, going berserk after slaughtering family cow

Residents of Seretut village in Belgut sub-county have accused a 34 year-old man of being high and going berserk after he slaughtered their family cow.

Seretut location Chief Zakayo Korir confirmed the incident saying the man, identified as Robert Rono arrived at their home and tied the cow before taking out a knife and beginning to slaughter it.

The mother of the man who was monitoring the situation raised an alarm which attracted villagers who rushed to the scene and attempted to rescue the cow but its throat had already been split open.

The irate residents arrested the notorious man before handing him over to Sosiot police station where he is being held.

Korir said the man, who had separated with his wife, was suspected to have been high on some hard substance when he committed the offence.

He said the man was a known alcoholic and bhang smoker in the area and also had a history of lawlessness.

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