Reports said Sonko engineered daughter-boyfriend break up; he reveals what happened


Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has refuted reports that he engineered the breakup of his daughter Saumu Mbuvi and her now-ex boyfriend Benson Gatu.

Speaking exclusively to EDAILY on Friday, Sonko denied saying Benson Gatu “is out to use his popular name to gain political mileage” as earlier claimed in some media reports.

Mr Gatu, a graduate of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Techonology (JKUAT) and a businessman, has expressed interest in running for Mathioya Parliamentary seat in August 8 poll.

He is the father of Saumu Mbuvi’s daughter, who was born on Friday, March 10.

The two went their separate ways early this year due to “irreconcilable differences”.

Saumu had earlier in the month taken to social media to insinuate that Mr Gatu “moves from one politician’s daughter to another for his selfish benefits”.


“My daughter had a problem with her boyfriend. I won’t say what the problem was, since it is a family matter. But, she was chased by the man, whom she loved. I welcomed her back to my home. She is my daughter, I love her. She is my blood. I cannot chase her away because she had a disagreement with the boyfriend,” said Sonko.

“I love my granddaughter. I have no problem with my daughter. I love her and I am going to love her more. Relationship wrangles are a normal thing, they are there. I cannot discredit my daughter because she gave birth out of wedlock. I love my daughter,” added the now emotional Senator.


“In fact, the other day I went to campaign for Benson Gatu in Mathioya, he is vying for Mathioya Parliamentary seat. I do not hold any grudge against him. I love him, I like him and I am wishing him all the best in his political endeavor. And maybe, one day they will get into an agreement – and I will remain a stranger (in their relationship).

Senator Sonko further denied having been involved in the acrimonious split between Saumu and Gatu – as had been reported in one of the country’s weeklies.

“The claims are propaganda by the media; they are exaggerations by bloggers. I love my daughter, I love Benson Gatu. I can say that authoritatively. I used to have problems with my wife, we ironed out the issues; my late dad used to have issues with my late mum, they solved their differences. These things are normal in nearly all African societies. We cannot escape from them.”


Senator Sonko was overwhelmed by emotions when talking about Saumu Mbuvi after she delivered a bouncing baby girl on Friday, March 10 at a Nairobi hospital.

Speaking to EDAILY, Sonko burst into tears when he was asked about his daughter’s status.

“As we speak today, I am the youngest grandfather in the whole world,” he happily said.

“I am happy my daughter gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. I will let you know her (granddaughter’s) name later after Saumu is discharged from hospital. I am proud of my daughter, I am proud of my family, I am proud of my granddaughter,” added Senator Sonko, amid deep emotions.

“I won’t hate my daughter for giving birth out of wedlock. Let my enemies take glasses, grind the glasses and drink. But my family, my blood will remain intact,” said the tearful senator.

He emphasised: “I don’t have a grievance with my daughter’s baby daddy, despite what is circulating on social media, I love her. Blogs should give me a break. They have often referred to me as a hooligan.”

Sonko, 42, says he cannot trade his feeling of “being the youngest grandfather” for anything.

“I got my first born daughter when I was in high school; that is why I am the youngest grandfather today. I do not hate my daughter. I love her. Whatever she has undergone, I have done my part well,” added the visibly emotional Senator.

The Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful says he will enroll Saumu Mbuvi for her Master’s a few months into motherhood, adding: “I want her to one day grace our screens – authoritatively – like Lillian Muli, Kanze Dena and all other great news presenters and journalists.”

“A few months into motherhood, she will enroll for her Master’s program, later for a PhD. Saumu is a very clever daughter. I won’t talk anything negative about her. Saumu, you will be a successful journalist,” said the Senator.

Watch the video below of Sonko crying while talking about Saumu Mbuvi:



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