Renowned gospel singer blasts Willy Paul, Bahati for ‘publicity stunts’

Kenyan gospel artist Mr. Seed, famed for his Papa God hit featuring MOG, has blasted Willy Paul and Bahati for snubbing him even after he helped them become the successful artistes that they are today.

Mr. Seed says that the two cut off links with him when they rose to superstardom, yet he was someone they looked up to and sought advice from when they were dwarfs in the music industry

“Bahati you I have known the longest I believe it’s now 15years, we have literally shared a bed and a plate, in music I have taught you a few about it (sic) too and am not bragging about anything,” he said in an Instagram post.

Mr seed

To Willy Paul he said: “Willy, I believe or think I was someone you once looked up to those days because we used to talk a lot about music and though I knew little you could ask me 1 or 2 things you should do.”

However, Mr. Seed also said that the rivalry between Bahati and Willy Paul is affecting other gospel artists and the gospel industry at large since all the good platforms that they can use to release new music are preoccupied with the duo’s publicity stunts.

“It’s not always about you two, maybe to (sic) you guys it’s all about publicity stunts and it’s affecting other artists because we are releasing songs, good songs but we won’t be given the same platforms as you guys simply because most of us lack the guts and hearts to pull off such outrageous stunt for publicity,” read the scathing post.

Touching on the recent beef between the two top singers that has made headlines in most attainment news sites, Mr Seed said their public spats are distracting the public from the gospel.

“All the good platforms to release our music and spread the word are not interested in good music and content anymore all they want to push and talk about are these publicity stunts at the expense of other good and talented artists and it’s so sad,” the Usikonde hit singer’s post read in parts.

The two golden boys of gospel music have had public differences over the past few years with the latest being Willy Paul’s criticism of Bahati over his statements about Denno.

The Kitanzi singer alleged that Bahati thrives on tarnishing the image of fellow gospel artistes and that his gimmicks are gradually surfacing.

In a lengthy social media post, Willy Paul said that the Barua star had refused to bury the hatchet with him, despite his attempts to reconcile their differences.

However, Bahati is still yet to respond to the post.

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