Remy Ma trounces Nicki, bags BET Best Female Hip Hop Artist

If you have been following hip hop closely, then you are well aware of the Hip Hop beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. The beef has now been taken a notch higher because Remy has now won the BET Best Female Hip Hop Artist 2017, which has been won by Nicki for the last seven years.

Remy Ma won the BET Best Female Hip Hop  Artist award back in 2005. However, in 2008 Remy got convicted for assault and illegal arms possession, after an altercation with her friend Makeeda Barnes-Joseph resulted in Makeeda being shot twice in the torso. She was to serve an eight- year prison term, though she did six years. The six-year hiatus almost brought an end to her then flourishing career.

After being released, Remy sought to relaunch her career, and  there was no better way to do it than releasing a diss track aimed at Nicki, Shether. Her diss stunts sure paid off, because now she has brought an end to the seven-year Nicki era.

The release of Shether set the Internet blaze, with Nicki and Remy Ma’s  fans clashing at any given opportunity. Nicki’s  songs I Can’t Even Lie and No Frauds are coated with shade aimed at Remy Ma and all these just serves to fan the flame of the beef.

Nicki Minaj hass earlier said that she would not be present at the awards, perhaps an indication that she knew things will not be the same this year.

Nicki Minaj remains the female rapper who has bagged the most BET Best Female Hip Hop awards and has the highest nominations, followed by Missy Elliot who has won five of these BET Awards.

With this new development, we cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has for us, and how many artistes will be dragged into this beef and forced to pick a side.


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