Reasons why we may feel guilty

When was the last time you felt guilty about something? Saying the wrong word, forgetting someone, probably not texting them back or treating them inappropriately, are undoubtedly things that we have all done.

Having said that, we must bear in mind that feeling guilty is related to our moral conscience. It’s an indicator of our own personality and a reflection of our values, as well as our education.

Feeling guilty and remorse about something from time to time helps us to improve. It is appropriate and necessary.

However, psychological and emotional well being depends on balance. An excess of something is not good instead it causes havoc.

The accumulation of guilt that limits us and forbids our personal freedom is no longer healthy or adequate. In fact, we are sure that today we carry many guilt-related weights in our hearts.

This aims at aspects taken into account. We should reflect on them to realize that, indeed, many of your daily actions are related to the feeling of guilt.

When a friend sends a message on Sunday asking “drinks next Thursday?” this is the time you tell yourself that you have time to think about it before replying and committing to something else.

Unfortunately, after a day goes by, you realize how rude it is that you haven’t responded yet, so then you feel guilty and anxious and never respond.

If you think silent treatment could possibly be what is happening, then, guilt shouldn’t be the next feeling to have. Instead, follow up with another friendly reminder via text, talk to them like nothing happened.

some people deliberately ignore their mobile phone and then lie about the reason why. Surprisingly, it is close friends who are most likely to suffer from being ignored, while calls from work colleagues or the bank are nearly always answered.

Favourite excuses include “I didn’t hear it ring, I was driving, Couldn’t find my phone, Was in a meeting, Was in the bathroom when answering” or even “Didn’t recognize the number”

Research suggests that best friends and loved ones are ignored more because they will involve more effort and a longer time to talk to. But then, the same people feel guilty and so make up an excuse to cover up their rudeness.

We’ve all been there and told a white lie to let ourselves off the hook. But again it is natural for people to make excuses for not answering the phone.



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