Read President Kenyatta’s full speech following nullification of his victory by Supreme Court


President Uhuru Kenyatta has said he respects the decision of the Supreme of Kenya to annul his victory, even though he does not agree with it.

The Supreme Court early Friday nullified President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win in the August 8 general election, saying the Independent electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) did not conduct the exercise fairly.

In their determination, where five judges ruled in favour of the petitioner; and two against the petitioner’s plea, the Court said the IEBC did not conduct the presidential election in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya.

Chief Justice David Maraga said the court was satisfied that the IEBC committed irregularities in transmission of presidential election results.

CJ Maraga, however, said there was no misconduct on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s side.

The CJ concluded that the irregularities in the electoral process affected the integrity of the entire exercise.

Following the Supreme Court verdict, Kenyans will return to the vote on November 1.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, however, says despite respecting the court judgment, he does not agree with it.

Addressing the nation at State House Nairobi on Friday 3pm, the Head of State said he and the Jubilee team are ready to hit the ground running and campaign for his re-election with a promise of same agenda to Kenyans.

Below is President Kenyatta’s full speech.

“I ask every single Kenyan; whenever they may be; whatever they may be doing; whoever they may be with, take the hand of your brother; take the hand of your sister and shake it; and say Amani, peace; peace; and I repeat again peace!

“Your neighbour will still be your neighbour; regardless of whatever that has happened. A man and woman, who sit with you, who reside next to you shall still be your neighbour; regardless of their political affiliation; regardless of their religion; regardless of their colour; regardless of their tribe.

“My primary message today to every single Kenyan is peace. Let us be people of peace. Secondly, I take this opportunity also to say thank you to God. It is God who has brought us thus far. It is God who has made us a people; it is God who has made every single Kenyan, who moved from his or her home and peacefully, peacefully stood in queues for many hours to make their choice.

“Let me, on a third instance, say that it is important for us as Kenyans to be respecters of the rule of law. I personally disagree with the ruling that has been made today, but I respect it as much as I disagree with it; I respect it. I disagree with it, but as I have said millions of Kenyans queued, made their choice and five people have decided that they will go against the will of the people; despite the fact that you as Kenyans have decided and elected a majority of Jubilee governors; a majority of Jubilee senators; a majority of Jubilee woman reps; a majority of Jubilee National Assembly members; a majority of Jubilee members of County Assembly.

“The Court has made a decision, we respect it. We do not agree with it. And again, fellow Kenyans I say peace; because the fault is not yours. The fault is not yours. Your neighbour remains to be your neighbour. And that is the person who is most important to you.

“We are ready to go back again to the people, with the same agenda; no change; same agenda that we delivered to the people; an agenda of unifying our country; an agenda of building a national party; an agenda to develop this nation. Tuko tayari, tuko tayari.

“Mine is to say that we are not at war with our brothers and sisters in the Opposition because we are all Kenyans.  Nyinyi mjipange, sisi tunajipanga. Tuko tayari kurudi kwa debe, kuongea na Wakenya; kuwaambia yale tunayotaka na yale tunayotaka kutenda kwa wananchi wa Jamuhuri yetu ya Kenya.”


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