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Tanzanian singer Ray C, born Rehema Chalamila, has waxed lyrical on Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s personal and leadership qualities, terming them “impressive”.

Speaking exclusively to Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto host, Willy M. Tuva, on Wednesday, April 19, Ray C said she hopes to meet the Head of State soon and have an exalting conversation with him. Ray C had in July, 2015 publicly declared her love for President Kenyatta.


“If you just mention the name Uhuru Kenyatta, I become helpless,” Ray C told Tuva on Wednesday.

“During the 2013 general election, I was in Kenya and I would get impressed by Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech, his dressing, his swag. He is a cool guy. I just like him. He is a smart guy,” emphasized Ray C.

Tuva enquired from Ray C what she looks forward to, when she is accorded the chance of meeting President Kenyatta.

“I will learn as much as I can from him. I will soon request him for a dinner date, where he will advise me on matters life. We’ll say two or three things to each other. I will look for him whenever he is. He is a nice guy. I can see he supports Kenyan artists to a detailed degree. He and former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete impress me,” added Ray C.


The Moto Moto hit-maker, who has been battling drug addiction since 2012, claims she is on her way to full recovery.

She says she is in the final stages of preparing her new album slated for release later 2017.

“Since August last year, I have been working on my new album slated for release soon,” she said, adding: “Currently, Wasafi.com manages my music. Personally, I do not have a manager, but I am in talks with several people in the industry.”

And does she have plans of working with any Kenyan musician – now that she loves Kenya’s President?

“I will come to Kenya in the next three weeks to shoot a music video, do music promos, and media interviews, among other engagements. I have been longing to work alongside Kenya’s Redsan and Wyre. I will look for them. We had worked on a song with Redsan quite a while ago. It is yet to be released. I really want to work alongside other artistes from the East African region such as Chameleone,” said Ray C.

Asked about the artistes that she thinks are doing well currently in the music scene, Ray C said: “Diamond Platnumz is doing well. Vanessa Mdee, too, is doing a commendable job.”


In October, 2015, gospel singer Ringtone had expressed interest in marrying Ray C, claiming that he possessed all the qualities that Ray C was looking for in a man.

Ray C responded, on Mambo Mseto, to Ringtone’s request. She said: “I learnt about Ringtone’s interest in me on online platforms. But he is yet to make a formal application to me. I was taken by surprise by Ringtone’s interest in me. He does gospel music, I do secular music. Nonetheless, he is a good man. I am impressed by how he works closely with Tanzanian gospel singers. A relationship with him, though, is not in my plans.

“Ringtone does not stand a chance of dating me; no, he does not.”

And is Ray C currently dating? “I am tired of romantic relationships. I am now focusing on myself. It is about me, myself and I. I am selfish now. I love me. Nataka nijipende mimi tu sasa,” she said.

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