Ray C conduct forces recording label to kick her out


Tanzanian musician Ray C has been kicked out of Wanene Entertainment recording label after breaching an agreement.

Ray C secretly leaked her song, produced by the recording label, contrary to an agreement she had signed with the stable.

Ray C’s song was slated for release at a later date.

Wanene Entertainment also got furious after the Moto Moto star claimed, during a television interview, that she was not signed under a recording label, yet she was signed by Wanene at the time.

Speaking to EATV, Wanene Entertainment manager, Gentris, said that the recording label was in the final stages of absorbing Ray C when she leaked a song that was scheduled for release at a later date.

“We had given her the demo of her song on condition that she should not release it, but she disobeyed our directions. Due to Ray C’s dishonesty, the management decided to part ways with her,” said Gentris.

Ray C, in a different interview, said that she worked with Wanene Entertainment on one song only after the label gave her that offer, and once the purpose of the offer was fulfilled, she went her way – and not that she was kicked out as Wanene Entertainment management says.

“I could not resist the offer,” said Ray C.

Ray C, who has been out of the music scene since late 2012, due to drug addiction treatment, has vowed to return to producing great music.

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