Ray C blasted over Rose Muhando post


Veteran Tanzanian musician Ray C, whose real name is Rehema Chalamila, has urged the Tanzanian Government, through the Ministry of Arts and Culture, to help gospel musician Rose Muhando “regain good health”.


In an Instagram post, which was published on Monday, November 26, Ray C said even her fellow musicians and countrymen have a role to play to ensure Ms Muhando regains her original stature.

“Fellow musicians and Tanzanians, how will we help our sister [Rose Muhando], who is one of us? I fully understand that each of us is busy with his or her engagements. However, let us not forget that Rose is our sister. She is suffering in Kenya with no help coming her way. Gospel musicians, all Tanzanian artistes and citizens, how can we help our sister?” posed the “Moto Moto” hit-maker on Instagram.

“[Tanzania’s Minister of Arts and Culture] Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, [and your deputy] Juliana Shonza, I believe if Rose is taken to an appropriate help-giving facility, she will get the necessary help and fully recover. My testimony is enough to prove that it is possible,” said Ray C.

“Rose flew the Tanzanian flag high on the international scene. She inspired us over and over again for several years. Through her music, she helped strengthen our spiritual faith. We were filled with joy every moment we heard her music playing,” said the singer, adding: “My sister Rose Muhando, you are a heroine, and Satan does not like people who win. Fight him, fight him through faith. He will be defeated. Your faith is what will get you back on your feet. We still need you, Rose. Anyone with Rose’s phone contact, kindly assist me with it.”

This post landed Ray C in trouble with a section of her followers, who asked why it took her so long to come out and call for the “Nibebe” star to be helped.

An Instagram user, Sheri Jones, told Ray C: “I mean no malice. You people [Tanzanian celebrities] have shown that a person is only linked to you when he or she is at the peak of their careers. When those people hit rock bottom in the works they are known for, you all disappear. Your compatriot is in Kenya. We posted so much about her last week, and today it’s when you and actress Jacqueline Wolper are saying something about her woes.”

A seemingly enraged Ray C responded to Ms Jones, saying: “I usually write posts based on how I feel at the time, and not because of extrinsic pressures – from a person or people. Peace.”

Another Instagram user, Chuchunge, wondered why Ray C had just to announce publicly that she is open to helping Ms Muhando, instead of just doing it in silence.

“Even in silence, Ray C, you can still offer your help. You must not make us know that you are assisting Rose,” said Chuchunge.

A section of the online users, however, did not see anything wrong with Ms Chalamila’s post, instead applauding her for showing that she is committed to helping the mother of three.

Rose Muhando’s troubled life came to the fore last week, when she was recorded on video receiving divine intervention at Pastor James Ng’ang’a church in Nairobi.

The award-winning musician, 42, is still in Kenya under the care of her three grown-up children.

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