Rapping Tanzanian MP to use music to fight drug abuse

prof Jay photo/ courtesy

Popular Tanzania rapper and legislator of Mikumi constituency, Prof Jay, born Joseph Haule, has announced he will be releasing a music video Kazi Kazi to give hope to the youth.

The Bibi na Babu hit-maker, as reported by Tanzania online magazine-Bongo 5, decided to shoot the video at Uwanja wa Fisi in Manzese – an area known for drug abuse, prostitution and robbery.

“We chose to shoot the video at Uwanja wa Fisi to give hopes to the Manzese residents, so that they can stop their immoral practices and start viewing life differently because there is a day life will be good”’ Prof Jay said.

Earlier on, police raided the region in an attempt to take out perpetrators and clean the area from drug related abuse that have been reported frequently. However, those apprehended claimed not having good jobs; led them to such a lifestyle.

The rapper is reported to collaborate with a solo artist, Sholo Mwamba, who performs in the region, to bring sanity and give hopes to the youth in the area.

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