Rapper offers female airline staff KSh1.5 million to quit their jobs


American Hip-hop rapper Jeffery Lamar Williams, popularly known as Young Thug, on Wednesday, December 7, offered two female Alaska Airlines employees $(15, 000) KSh1.5 million to quit their jobs for trying to make him miss his flight and his show… at least that’s the way he saw it, TMZ reports.

Young Thug went ham on the women, calling them “peasants” and “ants” with “nappy” hair and instead trying to offer them KSh1.5 million so that they leave their jobs.

A representative for the Airline said that Young Thug was supposed to be on a flight from Atlanta to Seattle, but he arrived after their 45 minute cutoff period.

Despite the Airline managing to get him on a partner flight, Young Thug’s Seattle fans missed the show as he did not make it on time, forcing him to postpone the show till December 12.

Here are some of the reactions from social media platform (Twitter)

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