Rapper Octopizzo denies involvement in Varsity student’s death

Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga popularly known as Octopizzo has denied claims that he was involved in the death of 19-year-old Kenneth Abom.

According to the family of the late Strathmore Student, Kenneth had rushed to his parents house on the fourth floor Newbury Estate in Kibra with a cut on his head and a blood-stained shirt.

It is reported that Octopizzo who recently moved houses into the estate had found the young boy in his house under unknown circumstances although, Buyer Beware on Facebook through its admin,  claims that the young boy was hitting on Octopizzo’s sister who lives in the rapper’s house.

A snippet of the conversation as it unfolded on Facebook.

In reports that the musician has since denied, it is alleged that he had pursued the late Abom wielding a machete.

“No, I did not hit the boy. His father was the first person I talked to after the incident. I did not know what he came to do in my house. An hour later, we heard that the boy dropped from the fourth floor,”the rapper told a local media house.

The family of the late say that the late Kenneth who appeared stressed went into the bathroom to clean himself up after the incident and moments later,  fell from the window of the bathroom to the ground below.

He was rushed to the Nairobi Women’s hospital where he was referred to the Kenyatta National Hospital with doctors saying that he would recover.

However on the morning of Saturday, January 19, Kenneth succumbed to his Injuries sending his family into mourning.

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