Rapper Khaligraph Jones makes new claims on bleaching allegations

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones is now the latest victim of the long arm of the Twitter law, after his seemingly lighter appearance on a recent television interview got tongues wagging. The Kenyan hip-hop star’s fans seem to be convinced that he has gone the Vera Sidika way and lightened his skin, claims that Jones fervently denies.

“People are not used to seeing me present myself the way I did on the Friday night (May 5) TV interview. Personally, I never used to don make up in interview sets. But on Friday, I did. Plus, the lighting out there; everyone who has been in a studio setting knows the amount of lighting present in a set at every given time. There’s no possibility my skin would get lighter overnight. The lighting (in the studio) did make me appear lighter,” Khaligraph Jones told eDaily.

On a good day Khaligraph would be spotted in a pair of jeans trouser, t-shirt, a snap-back and blings thrown here and there – the signature hip-hop style. On the said day though, Papa Jones treated his fans to a cleaner version of him, ditching his trademark jeans and t-shirt for a blazer and well-fitting jeans, and of course, an obviously lighter face. (And Versace sunglasses).

The reaction he got from this stunt has broken the Internet on the Kenyan side, in a way that no politician or no soaring maize prizes could ever do. KOT, the online court, was quick to throw shade on the rapper, bewailing the lighter complexion.

Khaligraph maintains that he has not bleached and that his recent photos on Instagram are proof to that, given that one does not become that light overnight. He says that he is not a teenager anymore and he has to grow, and his image has to grow along with him.

“Right now the corporate world is watching people want to partner with you and you have to show some maturity,” Papa Jones said.

Before, he says, he never used to  take proper care of himself, given his not so financially-stable past. He has recently discovered pre-show make-up which coupled with the studio lighting, he says resulted in the much lighter skin-tone.

Khaligraph who recently held a concert at the Alchemist, says that his was one of a kind show, which will be a precursor to a tour. The massive success, he says, is proof that he enjoys a huge fan base, something that a few Internet trolls can not take away from him.

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