Rapper Desiigner not guilty!

American Hip hop rapper Desiigner was declared innocent after authorities in New York were unable to link him with what the New York authorities thought to be illegal narcotics found in the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) which Desiigner was riding in.

Desiigner rose to fame after the release of his debut single hit Panda which later topped the chart in US Billboard.

The law enforcement, however, realised that the narcotics were nothing but steroid pills including methandrostenolone, PharmOne Oxandrolone and Halotest Fluxymesteron which all belonged to the driver of the SUV.

According to TMZ, Desiigner was initially charged with possession and intent to sell controlled substances. The charges have been dropped but he is still in police custody.

Desiigner maintains he had no idea that there were drugs in the car.


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