Rapper 50 Cent “not worried” amid NYPD probe


Rapper 50 Cent is very relaxed about the NYPD investigating him for allegedly harassing a Brooklyn precinct boss on Instagram, posting a recording of The Post’s exclusive on the probe alongside an “LOL.”

“Oh s—, get the strap,” he posted next to a recording of The Post’s story, repeating the very phrase that got him in hot water with the NYPD. Strap is street slang for gun.

Below is 50 cent’s post on instagram.

50 Cent is being investigated by the NYPD over an Instagram post that appears to threaten a Brooklyn precinct boss accused of shaking down a hip-hop club.

“Get the strap,” Fitty told his 18.1 million followers on Wednesday — a catch phrase he uses at the end of many of his posts on the social media site. He was apparently referring to Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, head of the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park, following stories about the police boss allegedly squeezing the owner of the Love & Lust club for gifts, including free round-trip tickets to Puerto Rico.

Below is the Instagram post that made New York Police Department detectives to start investigating the rapper.

“There is a formal complaint on file for Aggravated Harassment and detectives are investigating,” an NYPD spokesperson told Page Six.

However, 50 cent’s fans are defending him, claiming that the rapper has repeatedly used the phrase “Get the strap” as a “playful” mockery.

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