Rape at Chris Brown’s house?

Woman sues Chris Brown over alleged sexual assault

A woman filed sexual assault charges against singer Chris Brown and friends on Wednesday alleging that Chris brown’s friend, rapper Young Lo raped her several times in Chris Brown’s Los Angeles home last February, the New York Times reports.

Attorney Gloria Allred, the lawyer representing the woman in question, is charging for battery, sexual violence among other sexual offences.

The lawyer, while at a press conference, added that the case was one of the most horrific ever seen.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff who was at Los Angeles nightclub One Oak on February 23, 2017, was invited by rapper Young Lo to meet Chris Brown. This meeting allegedly happened at a recording studio where people were consuming drugs.

It is further alleged that Young Lo was in possession of the plaintiff’s phone which was to be returned after arrival to Chris Brown’s house.

The lawsuit further states that Chris Brown handed every female a pill with an order to take it with the “intention” to have fun.

The victim alleges that under the influence of drugs, both Young Lo and Chris Brown entered the bedroom where the victim was and refused to exit, hence shutting the door. When the plaintiff refused to act as directed by the two men, the lawsuit alleges that the men held the victim by force and ordered her to perform oral sex among other sexual acts.

Chris Brown has been previously charged for assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

In 2016, he was also arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a weapon.







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