Randy Kerugoya man busted ‘eating forbidden fruit’ with pastor’s wife

There was drama in Miringa-Iri estate, Kerugoya town on Wednesday morning when a 60-year-old man was thoroughly clobbered after he was allegedly caught in the act with another man’s wife.

The philandering pair was busted at ‘Happy Night Lodge’ after the husband acted on a tip-off, and raided the guest house.

The furious man, who was accompanied by his friends, caught the two eating the forbidden fruit.

The incident attracted a crowd of curious onlookers who watched as the 60-year-old man identified, Joseph Kabuga, was beaten up.

The scorned husband, Mr Mureithi, claimed his 35-year-old wife’s adulterous ways contributed to him being dismissed from church leadership.

“She made me get ejected from the church I was ministering in. People used to think she is an angel; but the truth has come out – just a wolf in a sheep’s skin,” he told.

His wife, however, did not take the accusations lying down. She said she loved the 60-year-old man (Kabuga), and that he did not fail in performing his bedroom duties like her husband did.

“You (husband) deserted, left me to take care of the children alone. This man (lover) was there for me,” fumed the enraged wife.

The infuriated Mureithi then took his wife’s purse ‘refunded’ himself by taking Sh5, 000 from her. He claimed that he was getting back dowry that he paid for her.

“I paid Sh49, 000 for her dowry just the other day, and on that particular night she did not sleep at my place. She opted to elope with this Kabuga man. I have been married to her for 20 years, but now I have to break this off. She has said she will refund me Sh69, 000,” said the worked up man.

It took the intervention of the police to rescue Martin’s wife and her lover from the charged crowd.

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