Raila’s daughter wants Kenyans to pay house helps Ksh50, 000 a month

Winnie Odinga has come under razor-sharp criticism on Twitter for speaking her mind about the monthly wages families should pay to house helps for their services.

Many online users have accused Winnie of not being familiar with the economic reality facing most Kenyans.

The former premier’s daughter has urged Kenya’s middle and upper class cadre to pay their house managers a monthly salary of Ksh 50,000 – and social media cannot cope.

Ms Odinga’s suggestion, posted on Facebook Wednesday, May 19th, was a reaction to criticisms leveled against Raila Odinga for leading weekly anti-IEBC demonstrations in Nairobi.

“Do you think that by making your children call her “auntie” and letting her have Sunday off to go to Church is a satisfactory way of living for her? As you sleep until 8AM and she’s up at 6 waiting in the cold for the Makini Bus to pick your children up while her’s walk an hour in this torrential rain to go sit in a dusty classroom, did you expect business to always be as usual for her?

“Middle class Kenya needs to wake up. Every time you pay someone less than Ksh 50,000 a month you are responsible for creating a home in the slum. Surprised? Or did you think Ksh 12,500 would afford your house help a chalet in Muthaiga? A lady in Mukuru kwa Njenga, Mathare, Kangemi, who believes her vote was stolen is 100% capable of reasoning that this electoral commission must go,” read the post on Facebook.

The rant was posted on her younger brother’s, Raila Odinga Junior, Facebook account.











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