Raila: Why I don’t want to talk about Miguna issue

Opposition leader Raila Odinga says banished politician Miguna Miguna “mistreated” him, and that is why he [Mr Odinga] has remained silent about calls pushing for Mr Miguna’s return into Kenya.

Mr Odinga made the claim on Citizen TV last Tuesday, when he was hosted by Hussein Mohamed on News Night.

Mr Mohamed asked why Mr Odinga was silent about Mr Miguna’s case, yet he [Mr Miguna] was ejected from Kenya after overseeing Mr Odinga’s January 30 oath.

“I want you to spare me that question, because I know what I tried to do for Miguna; you know how he has treated me and the kind of things that he has said about me. Please, I do not want to talk about one Miguna Miguna,” Mr Odinga said, effectively bringing to an end demands by Mr Miguna’s supporters that Raila facilitates his return into Kenya.

Mr Miguna has, in several occasions, taken to micro-blogging site, Twitter, to express his doubts on the motive behind Mr Odinga’s March 9 handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The firebrand politician speculates that Mr Odinga received monetary gains so as to stop his hard push for electoral reforms and historical justice in Kenya.

Mr Odinga, however, rubbishes that claim by Mr Miguna, saying he was driven by a desire to unite and build Kenya, when he met President Kenyatta.

“We had three options: one was to invoke Article One of the Constitution, the second option was [call for] mass action, which would be done indefinitely until the Government takes action, and the third option was dialogue. We had been calling for dialogue for a long time. What we achieved through the handshake was dialogue,” said Mr Odinga.




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