Raila picture triggers online war between Miguna and lawyer Donald Kipkorir

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Flashy city lawyer Donald Kipkorir and controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna engaged in a heated Twitter war on Tuesday, with Mr Kipkorir accusing Mr Miguna of not having done enough for Kenya to worth “recognition”.

The tiff began, when Mr Kipkorir posted a picture of him and opposition leader, Raila Odinga, and captioned it: “Happy to meet Baba [Raila] today to thank him for what he has done and continues to do for Kenya.”

Mr Miguna disagreed with Mr Korir’s statement – that Mr Odinga has “done a lot for Kenya”; and he [Mr Miguna] did not shy away from expressing his gripe.

“A chauvinistic Jubilee Party buccaneer meeting a traitor; nothing refreshing.” Mr Miguna said, in response to Mr Kipkorir’s tweet.


Not taking Mr Miguna’s jibe lying down, Mr Kipkorir retorted: “On my Twitter today [Tuesday, June 19], you accused Baba [Raila] of being a traitor and me a Jubilee buccaneer. Let me answer you briefly. On Baba, you are not worthy to hold a candle to him. His sacrifices and patriotism to Kenya is unrivaled by anyone. On my part, I have never belonged to any political party. My only calling is law.

“When you [Mr Miguna] were deported I stood up for you, but you are a person with no soul, no gratitude. It seems abusing others gives you a rush.

“Unlike you, I don’t betray confidences. You break the very basic rule of the legal profession.

“Prostitutes don’t even betray their customers,” said Mr Kipkorir.

Mr. Kipkorir concluded his letter by telling Mr Miguna: “Kenya is better off without you.”

Mr Miguna, known for his quick rebuttals, did not combatively respond to Mr Kipkorir’s tackle.

Mr Miguna, known for his Twitter wars with different politicians – in and outside government –, has often attracted criticism for “too much talk with zero action”.





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