Raila Odinga’s daughter flown to South Africa for further treatment


Rosemary Odinga, the elder daughter of Opposition leader Raila Odinga, has been flown to South Africa for further check up after 11 days of hospitalization at a Nairobi hospital.

EDAILY has learnt that Ms Odinga arrived safely in South Africa Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by her mother Ida Odinga and younger sister Winnie Odinga.

The exact hospital, where Rosemary has been admitted to, is yet to be communicated.

Rosemary Odinga has a brain tumor, which is non-cancerous.

“Rosemary’s condition has improved. She was flown to South Africa today morning for further check up, just to ascertain her well-being,” a well-placed source told EDAILY.

Rosemary, Raila Odinga’s second born, was admitted at Agha Khan University Hospital on Friday, February 17, with a headache, and moved to Nairobi Hospital a day later.

A source said she had been in the Nairobi Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) before she was moved back to Aga Khan on February 20.

Rosemary Odinga has meningioma, a brain tumor that is not life-threatening but applies pressure to the brain.

A meningioma is not harmless as it can cause blindness, problems with movement and multiple other complications as it grows and presses into the brain

It is not immediately life-threatening but remains a serious threat to Rosemary’s health, as it in the meninges – the lining between the brain and the skull.



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