“They will steal my moment,” comedian on why he rejected Raila and Kenyatta ‘Churchill at 40’ attendance requests

Emerging news indicate that celebrated comedian Churchill politely declined requests from both President Kenyatta and Opposition Chief Raila Odinga, to attend his much hyped ‘Churchill @ 40’ show.

“Uhunye (Uhuru) wanted to attend but I asked him not to and explained why,” said Churchill. “The same case was with Rao (Raila),” added the veteran comedian and radio host, whose real name is Daniel Ndambuki.

The comedian’s ‘Churchill @ 40’ show, in honor of him turning 40 years old, went down at KICC on Friday, and featured performances from a number of Kenyan comedians who have passed under the veteran’s wing.

Speaking to a Nairobi News, Churchill said he couldn’t allow the two rival politicians to attend the show because “…with the situation still volatile in the country and as things seems to be, my event won’t be an ideal place for them because they will steal my moment.”

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