Radio presenter’s son collapses, dies while watching TV


Radio Lake Victoria presenter Betty Opondo is grieving the death of her son.

Ms Opondo’s son, Tevin, died on Tuesday while watching television, the radio presenter says.

Tevin had just recovered from an ailment last December, and showed no signs of ill health.

“You were only sick for two weeks in December [2018]. You recovered and went back to school. What happened [resulting in your death]? I need you to wake up and explain to me,” said the radio host in a heartbreaking Facebook post.

“My son, do people die like that? Just the other day you told me: ‘Mum, I am so okay’. How do people just collapse and die while watching television? [I remember vividly you were watching] Nickelodeon with the TV remote control clutched in your hand. My baby, what are you doing in the mortuary?” posed the distressed Ms Opondo.

“[Is this] God’s will? How? Please, tell me something else?” wrote Ms Opondo on Facebook.

Her Facebook post attracted at least 17, 000 comments, with online users condoling with her.

The cause of Tevin’s death is yet to be established.

Betty Opondo previously worked at Radio Maisha and Radio Jambo FM stations.

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