Queen Darleen: My mother hasn’t been jailed in China over drug peddling

Celebrated Tanzanian musician Queen Darleen has rubbished online rumours suggesting her mother has been locked up in a jail in China over drug peddling.

Queen Darleen, whose real name is Mwanahawa Abdul, says she was “shocked” by the untrue assertions circulating on social media.

The false reports said the musician’s mother was sentenced to several years in jail in China after she was found guilty of drug trafficking.

Speaking to a Tanzanian entertainment outlet recently, Queen Darleen said her mother is in Tanzania, and “doesn’t want to give prominence to what is being circulated on social media”.

“My mother? Locked up in a China jail? When I heard that rumour, I was taken aback because she is in the country. If anyone would wish to see her, let him or her come to me and I will take them to where she is,” said Queen Darleen, who is one of the foremost artistes at Diamond’s WCB label.

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