Pungent smell of headless chicken leaves court attendees holding their noses


A senior resident magistrate in Embu was forced to order a headless chicken, which had been produced as evidence in a theft case, to be taken out of the courtroom due to its strong displeasing smell.

The prosecution presented the “exhibit” in a case in which a 39-year-old woman, Jackline Muthoni, is being accused of stealing Jecinta Gatavi’s chicken valued at Ksh600 at Kevote Village in Embu North Sub-County on November 2.

Senior Resident Magistrate Jean Ndengeri ordered the chicken, which had decomposed and was wrapped in a sack, to be taken out the courtroom, when its smell became unbearable.

The suspect, who denied the theft charge, told the court that she trades in chicken, and on November 2 at 3pm, “some women” went to her home with the “already-slaughtered” animal and were in the process of convincing her to buy it, when police stormed her house and arrested her.

Muthoni was released on a Ksh3, 000 bond.

Her case will be heard on December 19.

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