‘Pull down alcohol billboards, promote condom Ads,’ Huddah tells Sonko

After attracting the wrath of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) with her comments on body sizes, socialite Huddah Monroe is back at it yet again, barely 24 hours later.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Huddah urged the Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to pull down, ban and burn all billboards bearing alcoholic and cigarette brands in the county.

According to the controversial socialite-cum-businesswoman, the messages in the billboards are tantamount to “glorifying bad things.”

“I drive around all I see is alcohol. It’s just on your face. Imagine our kids, they don’t drive, they pay attention. Sonko needs to rip and burn all alcohol and cigarette billboards to the ground,” she wrote.

She further opined that, in the place of billboards bearing alcoholic drinks, more billboards of condom brands should be erected.

“Lets promote more condom brands. Why is that banned? Why is safe sex not a discussion? Why are we scared to talk about sex in this bedroom called Nairobi? Condom Ads should be everywhere.”

Huddah also spoke out against am alleged habit by Kenyan parents of allegedly sending their children to bars to purchase for them alcoholic drinks or cigarettes.

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