Psquare’s Paul Okoye finally tackles breakup rumours …This is what fans should expect

After numerous heated brawls that spawned rumours of a Psquare breakup, one half of the twin superstar duo, Paul Okoye, has reassured fans that all is well in the Okoye household.

In an amateur video posted on YouTube, Paul encourages fans to support the brothers’ individual projects, all the while allaying fears that there is bad blood between him and his siblings.

“You guys should support our individual projects. There is still Psquare and we are still in good terms. We are still family, we’re doing shows for Psquare. Currently, each one of us has this urge of doing things in their own way,” he said.

While doing their own personal projects, each of them embraced new stage names.

Paul is now known as Rudeboy while Peter goes by the name Mr P.

Once more, Paul implored fans to support them on their individual projects, saying: “To our Psquare fans, support Mr. P, support Rudeboy, and support Psquare. We are still together no problem.”

This unity message comes after months of conflict between the Okoye brothers – a conflict that played out in the public space.

Peter clashed with his elder brother Jude, who doubled up as their manger, on Twitter. Peter accused Jude of greed and mismanagement, saying that he could no longer work with him.

The two traded accusations publicly – a nasty spat that caused fans to implore the trio to resolve family issues behind closed doors.

Paul has since apologised for his actions.

Meanwhile, Peter has been able to sign with a new manager and is now working with one Olatunde Michaels.

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