Professional avocado tasters are needed in Australia

File this one under “Millennial dream job.”

A pop-up restaurant in Australia is seeking professional avocado tasters to test its menu (which includes, naturally, avocado toast) in the days before it is launched.

So if you’re the kind of person who spends unwise amounts of money, if not the entirety of your monthly rent, on adding a certain creamy green berry to everything you eat, it’s time to cast aside all your other life plans. The life of a “Head of Avo Control” is tailor-made for your taste buds.

It’s all thanks to Good Fat, Australia’s first avocado-themed pop-up cafe. (While anything with that many adjectives in the title mean it’s a bit of a niche restaurant, several other avo-based eateries have made a splash in cities like Amsterdam and New York.)

The cafe’s name refers to the idea that the fruit is chock full of healthy fats — something that every avocado lover uses to justify their addiction if I am being honest.

Like all pop-ups, Good Fat is only around for a short time, it was opened in Sydney on Nov. 2 and will be closing its doors on Nov. 30.

The cafe’s menu will include about 20 items featuring avocados, from an “avocado breakfast skin” to the “avocornetto” ice cream cone. The whole shebang has been organized by Australian Avocados, which represents the avocado industry.

But enough of all this. You’re here to learn about your future career, aren’t you? In mid-October, Australian Avocados announced a job opening that will make any avocado lover drool: the Head of Avo Control, aka an avocado taste tester.

Duties include tasting each of the cafe’s 20 menu items before it opens its doors to ensure an “avo-licious experience for every customer” as well as “avocating” for the cafe as publicly as possible on social media. In fact, Good Fat already came up with a hashtag for the Head of Avo Control, #OzAvoGoodFat.

Unfortunately, the approach to compensation is more like an internship than an actual job. The Head of Avo Control is paid not in dollars, but in avocados. “The successful candidate will eat for free at Good Fat and get their avo fix for the entire month the pop-up is open,” explains the job alert.

avocado job alert

I would be remiss not to point out that you could also add “Head of Avo Control” to your resume for the rest of your days, automatically making you the weirdest, and therefore most interesting, job candidate for any given position from now until the end of time.

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