Prisoner impregnates 4 prison guards, makes Sh1.6m a month from behind bars


This sounds like a plot in a movie but then again, life sure throws some curve balls.

A prisoner serving a 20-year attempted murder sentence in the Baltimore City Detention Center impregnated and had children with four prison guards.

The man, Tavon “Bulldog” White, the commander of a gang, is said to have easily run illegal operations while serving the 20-year sentence.

He is reported to have been able to run the operation as some of the women were coerced with sex and sweet-talk, and the male ones were paid off in cash and contraband.

Tavon and his crew are said to have sold drugs, marijuana, cell phones, weapons, and contraband including vodka, champagne, and shrimp, making up to Sh1.6 million a month.

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