Princess Farida reveals major weakness during early stages in marriage


Former Chakacha queen Princess Farida has revealed that her impulsive temperament and domineering persona got her into difficulties relating with her husband, Pastor Isaac Migwalla, during their early stages in marriage.

Farida made the revelation on Citizen TV’s “Sema na Citizen” on Wednesday, August 22.

The subject of discussion on the show was about how the youth can prepare adequately for marriage.

And Princess Farida urged young women to adopt a flexible mindset, which would see them readily submit to their husbands.

She says one of her biggest weaknesses was the urge to take full control of her home, while, at the back of her mind, she knew her husband should be her family’s captain.

“Throughout my life as an entertainer, I was the ultimate leader; I led my dance band, and I was the first born in my family. When I entered into marriage, I wanted to extend my authority to the house. I wanted to fully take control of my family. I had a lot of pride, and a know-it-all attitude, since I was coming from an industry in which I was receiving a lot of attention and praise. When my husband showed signs of wanting to take control of the home, I tried stifling his push,” said Princess Farida.

“And when my efforts to suppress his push were frustrated, I used to get angry, very fast, of course. I, however, came to understand the roles God designed for both men and women; and, as a result, I came to accept that the man is the head of the house. I, therefore, willingly discarded my desire to lead the house, and let my husband take control. Ever since, we have not had any ego-related fights in our house,” said Princess Farida.

“Furthermore, I have learnt how to manage my anger problems. Initially, small things like he visits the toilet and leaves the toilet cover up, used to annoy me. But, I have learnt to compromise and communicate my dissatisfactions in a nice way,” she said.

Princess Farida and Pastor Isaac Migwalla, who are blessed with two children, tied the knot in 2004.

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