Prezzo wasted my time – Rapper’s Tanzanian beauty


Tanzanian video vixen Amber Lulu regrets “wasting her time dating Kenyan rapper CMB Prezzo”.

“I was really hurt while dating that guy (Prezzo). At the end of the day, I realised I was wasting my time with him. He did not love me, even a bit” Amber Lulu told Tanzania’s Ijumaa newspaper.

Amber Lulu got back together with Prezzo in November 2018 after breaking up with him in July 2018.

Announcing her split from Prezzo in July, Amber Lulu said she ended her relationship with the “My City My Town” star because “there was no true love in our affair”.

“I have not been dumped by CMB Prezzo; I left him. I’ll be lying to myself if I continued with the relationship, which is not founded on true love. I have decided to be alone so that I focus on my career,” she told showbiz personality Millard Ayo in the July 2018 interview.

Four months later, Amber Lulu said she missed Prezzo, and she, therefore, decided to go back to him.

“I was hurt in previous relationships. I was demeaned. There was a time I was thoroughly beaten up by my then-boyfriend; I was like a zombie due to love. Though, when I met Prezzo I felt completely different. I have, therefore, decided to reciprocate the love he was showing me, and I will do it with the whole of my heart and energy,” Amber Lulu told a Tanzanian entertainment outlet in the November 2018 interview.

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