Prezzo takes on fan who claimed the rapper flosses his mum’s car


Controversial Kenyan rapper CMB Prezzo has told off a fan on Instagram who claimed that the rapper brags about a car that is his mum’s – and not his.

Prezzo had taken to the social media platform to brag about driving a souped-up car when he was a college student.

He wrote on Instagram on Thursday, April 6: “Old money, family; my first ride in university had my lecturers looking at me in some type of way. And you wonder why I love my mum to death. God’s son.”


One fan namely Kelvin Masakhwi inquired on Prezzo’s timeline: “So it was your mum’s car? I don’t understand.”

Prezzo, seemingly angered by the comment, responded: “Yes, it was my mum’s car. I mean same way your mum’s mkokoteni belonged to you coz at the end of the day, she is your mum; and the mkokoteni belonged to you. So, don’t hate. It is just life.”


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