Prezzo – I want Sheila Mwanyigha back

Prezzo has been girl-hopping, and we all wondered why he won’t settle down. Now it emerges that all along the bad boy has been unable to move on after his break-up with his ‘first lady’ Sheila Mwanyigha.

Prezzo and Nikki (Sheila Mwanyigha) once had one of the most envy-inducing public relationship. They were the Jay and Beyonce of Kenya, two high-flying stars trying to make a relationship work. As fate would have it, they fell out and went their separate ways.

Any other relationship Prezzo has gotten into has followed this same script, including one in which he even got married to Daisy Kiplagat and had a daughter with her. Sheila has on the other hand kept things on the low, and her exit from her radio job ensured her already too private life was even more closed.

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Now Prezzo wants her back. Speaking to Radio Maisha in a recent interview, the Kenyan self-proclaimed president of rap said he still has feelings for the sultry-voiced, beautiful Sheila Mwanyigha. He also said that he needed more money first (she is high maintenance or what?) then he would proceed to ask her to forgive him.

Prezzo recently  broke up with his beau Michelle Yola, and it is reported that attempts to get her to take him back have been thwarted by the reality show star. Before her, were Goldie Harvey (God rest her soul in peace), Tanzanian celebrity Chagga Barbie, Huddah Monroe (he said they only had sex, nothing more), Noti Flow, Clouds FM’s Diva the Bawse and model Joy Wanjohi.

Prezzo might have thought long and hard about his inability to keep a lady and just decided to maybe give his relationship with Nikki a final shot, leaving a trail of exes behind. What do we say, best of luck?

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