Pregnant woman nabbed in illegal brew crackdown


A heavily expectant woman was among those arrested on Tuesday at Gacharageini Shopping Centre in Mathioya, Murang’a County after they were found consuming illegally-brewed alcohol.

The crackdown on illegal brew in Murang’a was led by County Commissioner John Elungata.

The suspects gave police officers a hard time as they tried to resist arrest. They will be arraigned in court once investigations are concluded.

“A lot of alcohol brands sold at bars in Murang’a are questionable. We realised that illegal brew is packaged as fit for consumption, while they are very detrimental to one’s health. We also arrested revelers, who were drinking alcohol outside legally stipulated time of 5pm to 11pm,” said Mr Elungata.

“We confiscated gambling machines because those flocking the betting joints do not have financial might to sustain such a lifestyle, and they, thus, resort to taking the little money their spouses make and plunge it into gambling,” added Mr Elungata.

Gambling machines were also confiscated during the crackdown.

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