Pregnant woman, 31, battered by husband after ex-wife returns home


A 31-year-old woman from Karaba Location in Mbeere South, Embu County is nursing injuries after she was allegedly beaten up by her husband, who is a police constable attached to Muthaiga Police Station.

Shirleen Mukami claims that Gilbert Kilonzo started physically assaulting her the moment Kilonzo’s ex-wife expressed interest in reuniting with him.

Mukami alleges that Kilonzo and his ex-wife broke up after he discovered that she had gotten pregnant by another man.

She claims that Kilonzo promised him never to rekindle his relationship with the former wife.

Kilonzo’s ex-wife, however, began seeing him persistently recently.

The assault incident happened on Saturday, November 24 at Mr and Mrs Kilonzo’s house.

Mukami, who is a few weeks from giving birth, alleges that Kilonzo battered her after his former wife returned home last Saturday.

“They wanted to push me out so that they can continue from where they had left,” said Mukami, whose pregnancy was saved.

The victim managed to flee and reported the incident at Karaba Police post, and, thereafter, went to hospital for emergency care.

She remains hospitalised at Kimbimbi Hospital.

Mukami claims the Saturday incident wasn’t the first of that nature, in which she was being brutalised by her husband.

“He was used to beating me up. Actually, it became a norm,” said the mother of one.

Kilonzo is on the run, and police have launched a manhunt for him.

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