Pregnancy troubling Diamond’s partner Zari Hassan


Zari Hassan is six months heavy with a male child – and the pregnancy has taken a toll on her, says Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

A source who spoke to the outlet in confidence revealed that Zari Hassan is struggling with the pregnancy as it has rendered her incapable of moving around.

“Honestly, she is undergoing pain. She can’t even travel to Tanzania from South Africa. Perhaps the gender of the child plays a part in her struggles. I pray she carries the pregnancy to full term and deliver safely. I would love to see my brother (Diamond Platnumz) blissful following the birth of his second child,” said the source, Zari Hassan’s sister-in-law.

Zari Hassan is pregnant with her fifth child, the second by Diamond Platnumz. The pair has a 1-year-old daughter Latiffah Dangote.

Zari Hassan’s due date is December, 2016.



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