Police unearth fresh details about River Road street boy and woman video-taped in ‘forced’ sexual act

A Nairobi street boy and a woman filmed engaging in sexual act, which was believed to be non-consensual, were lovers, police say.

Nairobi Police Commander Joseph ole Tito says police have arrested ten suspects, including the street boy, in connection to the act, which he termed as indecent exposure in public.

“We have ten suspects in custody; all of them are street children. What I have discovered is that the suspects and the woman know each other. She is also a street urchin. We are looking for her. If you watched the video, you could hear her saying that the man, who was having sexual intercourse with her, was her lover. I would say they have their own life,” Mr Tito told EDAILY on Thursday.

The undated 2-minute and 58 seconds video clip shot on Mto Lane off River Road, sparked online furore, with social media users calling for prompt action against the perpetrator.

The street boy was filmed – at first – forcing himself on the woman, who later could be heard referring to the supposed rapist as “mtu wangu”. She said, during the act: “Huyu ni mtu wangu [He is my friend].” This statement, among others made by her, left a section of online users questioning the legitimacy of the rape claims.

The woman could be heard telling her supposed rapist, whom she referred to as Baite, to have carnal knowledge of her. This statement further complicated the rape claims.

Some online users, however, said the supposed rape victim was being cooperative after she had, earlier, been threatened with death.

In the first part of the disturbing video clip, the woman can be heard telling her aggressor and a crowd of onlookers that she feared for her life.

“Usiniue wewe nani, usiniue. Mimi sijakataa. Na usinichukue picha wewe; mbona unachukua picha? Unachukua picha ya nini? Hebu toa huyo, muondoe. Unachukua picha ya nini, unachukua picha ya nini? Hii si siku yangu ya kuanza [expletive] (Do not kill me, please don’t. I have not refused to cooperate. Please do not film me in the act. Why would you do that? Please remove that person filming us from here. Why are you taking videos of us? This is not my first time to have sex),” the woman said.

The video begins with the street boy pinning her supposed victim to the ground in an attempt to sexually assault her.

The woman is then heard screaming for help: “Hapana, hapana. Na-rape-iwa [Don’t do that; you are raping me].

One of the onlookers can be heard shouting: “Si wewe ndiye umekubali [But you gave consent for the act].”

The two, thereafter, continued with the act. At one point, the woman tells the onlookers to remain silent.

“Muache mambo nyingi na nyinyi. Nyinyi munaweza fanya mtu auliwe bure [Stop being talkative; you can make someone be killed].”

Mr Tito now says following the discovery – about the nature of relationship between the street boy and the woman; and the tone of conversation, when the video was shot – it is unlikely rape charges would be pressed against the suspect.

“Does that now become rape; or public indecency? I want to believe the two people captured on video are grownups. If they are grownups, then I don’t think we would charge the main suspect with rape. We might only be looking at an offense where the street boy and the woman performed an indecent act in public,” said Mr Tito.

Mr Tito says Central CID boss Samuel Kobina has taken up the matter.


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