Police tortured us, recounts Standard Group journalist


By George Amolo

Siaya-based Standard Group journalist Isaiah Gwengi and human rights activist Rodgers Ochieng’ have been admitted to Bondo Sub-County Hospital after they were allegedly assaulted by border police at Usenge Town Wednesday night.

Gwengi and Ochieng’ sustained severe injuries after they were allegedly arrested and brutally assaulted by a police unit known as Quick Response Team (QRT).

According to the two, they were “seriously tortured” by the police officers, who accused them of inciting members of the public against the police.

Ochieng’ said that the officers confiscated their phones and stripped them naked before beating them up for over 30 minutes.

The two claim that, after the beating, Usenge OCS ordered officers to take them for urgent treatment before being detained.

Gwengi claims police have been targeting journalists and human rights activists for “exposing the exploitation police officers in Usenge have been subjecting residents to”.

Usenge Town residents have demanded that police officers attached to the area be transferred and new ones be brought in, claiming that the current force perpetrates brutality and harassment.

Civil rights activist, Salim Odeny, has strongly condemned the incident, saying that the matter should be investigated and stern action taken against the officers involved in the two’s torture.

Efforts to get response from the commandant of the QRT, Inspector Bernard Ongoro, bore no fruits after declining to comment on the issue.



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