Police speak on pictures doing rounds on social media of woman dumped on roadside at Roysambu


Police have said that a woman, who was dumped at Roysambu in Nairobi on Tuesday night (September 26) by his lover, was “too drunk”.

The driver of this car allegedly dumped woman at Roysambu, Nairobi on September 26 [PHOTO | COURTESY]

The driver of this car allegedly dumped an unconscious woman at Roysambu, Nairobi on September 26. Both were arrested for disorderly conduct. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

The man, whose car was towed to Kasarani Police Station, was also drunk, the police said.

Authorities added that the woman had been taken to Neema Hospital in Kahawa Sukari for emergency care before being apprehended.

The two will be arraigned for disorderly conduct on Thursday, September 28, Nairobi Police boss, Japheth Koome, said.

“The suspects were too drunk, which led to them misbehaving in public.  They will be arraigned in court tomorrow (Thursday, September 28) to answer to charges of disorderly conduct. The man was driving under the influence of alcohol,” Mr Koome told eDaily.

Photos of the incident have since gone viral on social media.

Some concerned witnesses speculated that the woman’s lover had dumped her at Roysambu after drugging her, claims the police have since refuted.

“Earlier this evening, the driver of car registration number KCB 697T dumped an unconscious lady by the roadside at Roysambu. While taking off, the driver realised people were taking pictures of him and the registration plate. He consequently got out of the car, pretending to be a concerned citizen. During a commotion, which had ensued, the driver managed to take off. Share this widely to catch the man,” one witness wrote on social media.




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