Police raid home of ‘Nairobi’s prettiest thug’ who was buried today, arrest mourners


Police from Kiharu Constituency in Murang’a County on Thursday, May 18, raided the home of Claire Njoki Kibia, a suspected gangster – who was shot dead in Nairobi last week –, and arrested three men, an hour after Njoki was buried, as other mourners watched helplessly.

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According to the wife of one of the arrested men, the police officers armed with pistols asked them to lie down.

“They attacked and harassed us, claiming that they were looking for criminals. We had come to bury our loved one, but they took away my husband,” she said.

According to the mourner, one officer, who was dressed in a hood, accused them of “harbouring criminals”.

The police took away the three in different vehicles, without informing the family members of where their loved ones were being taken.

The three are Samuel Kiboi, Sammy Malaimu, and Amos Ngaire from Kayole, who are relatives to the deceased, Claire Njoki Kibia.

Director of Criminal Investigations in Murang’a East Maingi said he was not aware of the operation in the area.

“I was attending a public gathering in Kahuro. I did not know about the burial,” he said.

Officers involved in the raid say main gang members did not attend the burial.

During the burial, security was beefed up as police officers in plain clothes were stationed at different spots in the compound.

A few of Njoki’s friends turned up for the burial, fearing they would be spotted by security agents.

There were no tributes read during the burial as is normal in many other send-offs held in different parts of the country.

Njoki was shot dead last week in Kayole, Nairobi after she failed to surrender to police officers, who were trailing a gang that she was part of.

A pistol was recovered at the crime scene, carrying six rounds of 9mm bullets.

Njoki dropped out of secondary school in 2013 after she was punished by her then-school principal.

She would later move to Kayole to stay with her mother, but moved out of her mother’s home to live with her boyfriend.

She died aged 18.





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