Police officers flee after Kakamega woman strips naked to protest arrest

Residents of Kongoni Village in Likuyani Constituency, Kakamega County were treated to a dramatic morning on Wednesday when a middle-aged woman stripped naked to escape being arrested by police.

Police officers, who had stormed the woman’s home with intent of arresting her, fled her compound, fearing a curse would befall them on seeing her naked.

An incensed neighbour had reported to the police that the woman’s donkey had destroyed his maize farm, leading to police storming the woman’s home in Kongoni Village to arrest her.

According to neighbours, the woman’s donkey had recurrently destroyed their maize farms, and their attempts to report the cases to her fell on deaf ears as she would not tie up the donkey.

According to a belief held by a section of members of the Luhya community, when a woman strips naked in protest, the action could attract a curse on the person who provoked fury in her. And in this case, the police officers feared to be cursed, thus decided to take off.

The woman is yet to be arrested. Her neighbours have resorted to resolving the conflict amicably after the embarrassing incident.

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