Police officer vows to deal with corrupt colleagues

The Uganda Police Force has sworn an allegiance to stop corruption amongst its members.

According to a publication by the Uganda Online, Assistant Inspector General of Police Fred Yiga, vowed that officers caught in acts of corruption will face the full force of the law.


Reports in the recent past has revealed that Uganda police officers have earned money through taking bribes by arresting and prosecuting innocent citizens of falsified claims.

In addition, the police have been in the headlines for taking bribes as low as Ksh 100 from motorist caught violating traffic regulations.

Yiga affirmed that police officers caught in such activities will not be tolerated adding that they have sought the press’ help to identify the rogue individuals.

“The police is well founded in its guidelines on conduct at discipline, and this is the foundation we are going to use to streamline behavior within the police force. We are not going to allow a situation where police officers use our time, our uniform, our space, our everything to top up their income. That will not be acceptable,” Yiga was quoted as saying.

Yiga made the statement during police weekly briefing at Naguru police headquarters in Kampala.

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