Police officer turns gun on self and ends his life after shooting Nakuru bar owner in the head


A police constable from Elburgon town in Molo-Sub County, Nakuru County on Wednesday morning (May 3) fatally shot a bar owner before turning the gun on himself and ended his life following a quarrel over a Ksh430 bill.

Isaac Wanjala, who was attached to Elburgon Police Station, died on the spot after shooting himself from under the chin. The bullet then exited from the upper side of his head.

The bar owner, Sammy Osoro, sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Elburgon Hospital before being transferred to Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

A report filed at the Elburgon Police Station, says Wanjala attacked Osoro at around 2:25am.

Witnesses say Osoro, 36, had confiscated Wanjala’s phone after he (Wanjala) failed to pay a bill that totaled to Ksh480.

While nursing head injuries at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital, Osoro told eDaily that Wanjala was a regular customer at his bar. He added that the police constable rarely cleared his debts.

“On Wednesday, around 2am, Wanjala came to my bar and ordered some drinks. He bought me a bottle of beer and bought one for himself too. When the waiter took the bill to Wanjala, he refused to settle it,” said Osoro.

Osoro would insist that Wanjala clears the bill, but the police constable would hear none of it.

Osoro, thereafter, phoned the Officer Commanding Station (OCS) at Elburgon who advised him to confiscate Wanjala’s phone until the debt was settled.

“I confiscated his phone. We went outside the bar, but Wanjala would not stop hurling insults at me. He threatened to shoot me but I thought he was joking,” said Osoro.

Osoro said he, Wanjala and one of their friends proceeded to Club@50, an entertainment joint in Elburgon town, where the shooting incident occurred.

A witness told eDaily that, all through, Wanjala was not in possession of a firearm, but would later go to his house, where he took the gun before returning to shoot the bar owner and himself.

The witness said: “Wanjala went to the police quarters, which is about 200meters away from Club@50, took his G3 rifle and followed Osoro where he was before shooting him in the head. Wanjala then turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger. He died on the spot.”

Wanjala’s body was taken to Elburgon Sub-County mortuary.

A nurse at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital, Florence Nzomo, said that Osoro is in a stable condition, though he bled profusely and also lost his right eye following the shooting.

“His right eye is completely shuttered but the left one can be reconstructed,” said Nzomo.

Molo Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD), Daniel Kamanza, who confirmed the incident, said that the incident was a consequence of excessive drinking of alcohol.

“Investigations show that the two did not have any history of arguments or strife. It was a decision purely influenced by too much intake of alcohol,” Kamanza said


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