Police intensify search for ‘destructive’ sugar daddy, reveal shocking info. about him

Police in Mombasa have intensified their search for a man, who allegedly caused a large destruction by setting 12 houses on fire in Magongo, Changamwe after he found his young lover getting intimate with another man in her house.

The man, who authorities have identified as Malias Otieno, allegedly has a criminal history.

Changamwe OCPD Peter Omanwa made the revelation in an interview with EDAILY Friday.

“We have to take his fingerprints to establish if rumours about his past – that he has a criminal record – are true. We have been meant to understand that he was previously involved in serious crimes, and even jailed for them [crimes]. We are still looking for him. We vow to arrest him soon and arraign him in court,” said Mr Omanwa.

“Anger is costly. I urge Kenyans to embrace good morals; bad morals cause problems. When extremely angry, people should seek counseling instead of resorting to costly measures,” advised the Changwamwe police boss.

Otieno, who is in his late forties, set on fire his lover’s house in Magongo, when he arrived unannounced Tuesday night, and discovered she was getting intimate with another “young-looking man”.

It is alleged Otieno bankrolls his lover, who is in her late twenties.

Neighbours say the fire that Otieno lit at his lover’s house spread to other units in the neighbourhood, causing wanton destruction.

The woman’s neighbour, identified as Hamisi Kaju, says the fire began from a burnt mattress, ravaging the entire house before extending to other units on the plot.

“The woman’s sugar daddy was heartbroken, when he arrived at his lover’s house and busted her getting cozy with another man. He got angry and set a mattress on fire. The inferno got bigger, bringing down the house and 11 other units on the same plot,” said Mr Kaju.

“The ‘sponsor’ wanted to lock the house from the outside and burn the two lovers. His plan failed, as the lovers overpowered him, when they pushed their way out,” adds Mr Kaju.

“The spurned sugar daddy, thereafter, sent his lover a message, saying: ‘Come back as fast as possible. If you don’t, I will set your house on fire’. The woman did not return, triggering the ‘sponsor’ to make real his threat,” he said.

Merisha Anyango, the woman’s neighbour, says her business premise and merchandise were completely destroyed in the fire.

“The fire resulted from love gone sour, and a thirst to date more than one man simultaneously. I am urging young women to put their lives in order to avert such losses. One of the burnt units was a shop that I was depending on for livelihood,” said Ms Anyango.

Another neighbour said: “I have lost property worth around Ksh2.5 million. The incident has really decelerated my life.”

“Women should put their lives together. ‘Double-dealing’ men is very costly. Now look at this case: this man [sponsor] set a mattress worth Ksh3, 000 on fire, and, as a result of that, other people lost property worth millions [of shillings],” said another neighbour, a young man.

“Single women should lead a respected life,” said yet another neighbour.

The woman, accused of dating the two men at the same time, has recorded a statement at the Changamwe Police Station, even as the ‘sponsor’ remains at large.

No injuries or deaths were recorded in the fire incident.

(Additional reporting by George Aoko)


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