Police hunting for man who bragged on Facebook about defiling children


The Directorate of Criminal Investigations Office says it has launched action into claims of child defilement by a man, who took to Facebook to brag about his sexual encounters with female children.

The man, whose name we won’t publish due to legal implication, posted several pictures of young girls aged between 5 and 16 to Kilimani Mums Facebook page, and bragged about sexually defiling them, or being in the process of luring them into sex.

In one of his posts, the man posts a picture posing with a teenager, who he claims is a Form Two student, and says he had already defiled her. He goes ahead to say: “the police can’t flush me out”.

In yet another sickening post, the man says he has lured a girl, whose age estimate is between 4 and 5, with a bottle of soda. He brags that he would accost and take her to his house, where he would defile her. Again, he boldly states: “The police can’t reach me”.

The National Police Service brought to the DCI’s attention complaints lodged by online users against the alleged pedophilia.

The office of the DCI says it has taken up the issue, and would hunt for the pedophilia.

“@NPSOfficial_KE. That [complaint against the alleged pedophilia] is received and necessary action will be taken. Thanks,” said the DCI on Twitter.

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