Police bosses make “mpango wa kando” confessions; try to explain why they have affairs

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has exposed that senior police officers in the Coastal region are involved in extra marital affairs.

The revelation was made during the vetting of Sergeant Sebastian Maloba of Diani Traffic Department when he was quizzed about large sums of money that he sent to a certain lady.

Maloba admitted that at times officers have extramarital affairs because they are stationed far away from their families.

“Our job, we stay far from home and at times it happens…” he remarked hesitantly.

Commission chair Johnson Kavuludi added that over 90 per cent of the officers who have appeared before them confessed that they have extramarital affairs.

Mwatate Base Commander Senior Sergeant Francis Amburi also had trouble trying to justify accusations of having several girlfriends. Like Maloba, he said that his numerous affairs were brought about by distance.

“We, officers who are below 50 years, whose wives live in other towns are humans too with feelings. We find ourselves engaging in those things,” Amburi retorted.

The commission also expressed concern over incidences of senior offices sleeping with spouses of their juniors, noting that it could compromise the force.

“It is emerging that some officers are involved with wives and husbands of their colleagues, especially where one is in a senior and another in a junior position. This might affect command and control,” said one of the commissioners.

NPSC will continue to vet officer in the coastal region for woo weeks. Thereafter, they will proceed to Western Kenya.

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