Police boss speaks on fatal shooting of two protestors in Bondo


Nyanza Regional Police Commander, Leonard Katana, on Friday, October 13 defended his officers over fatal shooting of two Nasa anti-IEBC protestors in Bondo, Siaya County.

Katana says about 2000 protestors “caused havoc” in the town before attempting to attack Bondo Police Station.

The Nyanza police boss added that anti-riot officers had to use force in repulsing the protestors, who, he says, injured one police officer.

“About 2000 protestors in Bondo town started being violent, blocking the Bondo-Kisumu road. They went to Bondo police station, where they attacked and injured one of our officers. Our officers had to use proportional force, which left two of the protestors dead, and one, who was injured, hospitalised,” said Katana while addressing journalists in Kisumu Friday evening.

“The law is very clear, it is only Article 37 of the Constitution which allows demonstrations and picketing, but it is also very clear that you should not be armed as you present your petition to the authorities. I want to thank my officers in Kisumu for exercising restraint and using the required force.


“It is very unfortunate that journalists were tear-gassed, when covering the anti-IEBC protests in parts of Kisumu. I received messages from some of you. I know you have your role in this exercise, we respect you. I invite you we work together. For those of you, who were tear-gassed, please record statements with the police so that we investigate and know who did that to you,” said Katana.


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