Police body, come for your gun before I use it ‘inappropriately’: Asbel Kiprop’s message worries online users


Athlete Asbel Kiprop has taken to Facebook to pen a chilling post, which has left a section of his followers and Kenyans worried.

The 2008 Olympic champion’s worrying message comes barely a week after the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Disciplinary Tribunal banned him for four years over an anti-doping rule violation.

“I pray to [the] National Police Service to dismiss me now before I use their machinery to earn justice for myself. IAAF, kindly come take your medals, I do not need any [of them] on the walls of my house,” wrote Asbel Kiprop, a police officer by profession.

The former 1500 meters world champion’s post triggered panic among those who know him, urging relevant authorities to swing into action before Asbel Kiprop “does something regrettable”.

A section of the Facebook users suggested Asbel Kiprop, 29, needs medical help, speculating he could be suffering from depression.

The athlete has, recently, gone through a turbulent period, with his marriage crashing over claims of unfaithfulness on his end.

A team comprising senior police officers, journalists and Athletics Kenya officials joined hands Saturday evening to help Mr Kiprop.

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